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Classes for SAP BusinessObjects — BOID10

SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool

This course curriculum is also available as mentoring.

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This course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to work with the SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool to extract, define, and manipulate metadata and create SAP BusinessObjects universes.


  • Data Manager
  • Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator


  • Working knowledge of SQL and relational databases
  • OLAP database management concepts, systems, and structures

What you Will Learn

  • Basic SAP BusinessObjects Universe Design
  • Data Connections
  • Data Foundations
  • Business Layers
  • Loops in a Data Foundation
  • Data Restrictions
  • Lists of Values (LOV)
  • Parameters
  • Object @functions
  • Navigation Paths
  • Derived Tables
  • Key Awareness
  • Universe Management with Data Foundation and Business Layer Views
  • Universe Optimization
  • Universe Deployment and Security
  • SQL Clause Processing Problems
  • Outer Join Problem Resolution
  • Universe Creation from Different Data Sources
  • Shared Projects
  • Universe Conversion
  • Translation

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