Packaged Services for SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart Implementation

A Rapid SAP BusinessObjects Implementation Backed by Experience and Established Best Practices

You want to enable your users to access, analyze, and share data quickly. That's why you chose business intelligence (BI) solutions from SAP BusinessObjects. But without practical guidance, your initiative could languish, suffering from inaccurate data, incomplete deployment, partial use, and unrealized returns.

That's why Altek Solutions Professional Services developed the SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart™ Implementation Package; to help you avoid the common pitfalls associated with initial BI deployments.

How our QuickStart™ Package Helps

All products rely on a successful initial implementation. If the infrastructure is set up incorrectly, then it’s certain that the experience will be poor performance and potential rework—leading to time consuming product implementation and higher costs.

Through our QuickStart™ package, our experienced, highly-trained consultants will ensure that you make best use of your SAP BusinessObjects toolset. We will also guide you through the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects, create a set of working universes, reports and dashboards, and provide mentoring to end-users, developers and administrators.

Upon completion, you will have a working system that is ready to use—allowing your organization, partners and customers to begin using information more productively.

Benefits of our QuickStart™

Our SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart™ package is the fastest, easiest and most-effective way for you to accelerate your SAP BusinessObjects Deployment.

Our service package helps you:

  • Ensure a successful, complete, and rapid business intelligence implementation, minimizing potential rework;
  • Optimize your SAP BusinessObjects deployment to the specific needs of your organization;
  • Instruct your internal teams on best practices for SAP BusinessObjects development and universe design techniques;
  • Maximize your investment by combining implementation, training, and mentoring from a leading provider of business intelligence solutions;
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise from experienced Altek Solutions consultants to your own staff; and
  • Deliver information access quickly, accurately and efficiently.

How our QuickStart™ Works

Our SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart™ package leverages our proven methodology and best practice to help you get your business intelligence deployment started in the right direction.

While our methodology can be tailored to meet your specific needs, our QuickStart typically includes:

  • Installation and Configuration
    • Installation and configuration of prerequisite software
    • Installation and configuration of SAP BusinessObjects software
    • Integration with Active Directory/LDAP servers
    • Creation and application of security model
    • Implementation of backup and recovery strategy
    • Activation and review of auditing and monitoring
    • Integration with other applications
  • Content Development
    • Development of a core SAP BusinessObjects universe (semantic metadata layer)
    • Development of several high-value reports and/or dashboards
    • Deployment of an SAP BusinessObjects Explorer environment
    • Deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI
    • Mentoring on best practices and report development lifecycle
  • Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer
    • SAP BusinessObjects System Administration
    • SAP BusinessObjects Universe Design
    • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
    • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

What you get with our QuickStart™

Once our SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart™ package is complete, you're ready to start reaping the rewards of your software investment.

Deliverables from this engagement typically include:

  • SAP BusinessObjects environment installed and configured according to industry-standard best practices
  • Initial content created so users can hit the ground running
  • Administrators trained on how to manage the SAP BusinessObjects environment, including administering backups, troubleshooting techniques, and performing regular maintenance
  • Developers trained on how to manage and create reports, dashboards and other analytic content with SAP BusinessObjects
  • End-users trained on how to access business intelligence content with SAP BusinessObjects with browsers and mobile devices
  • Ongoing technical support relationship established

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