Casting Director

for SAP BusinessObjects

An extension to SAP BusinessObjects that adds powerful scheduling capabilities and advanced report delivery options to your deployment.

Meet Casting Director.

Casting Director is an extension to the SAP BusinessObjects platform that provides dynamic scheduling capabilities and advanced delivery options and formats not available through the core platform.

A powerful addition to your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, Casting Director can help you:

  • Easily maintain complex report schedules
  • Significantly reduce the effort required to modify schedules when prompt criteria or distribution requirements are changed
  • Control and enhance distribution of documents in a variety of new ways
  • Leverage your existing SAP BusinessObjects architecture and report investment

What can you do with Casting Director?

Easily Maintain Complex Report Schedules

Utilize any database to store your report scheduling information and maintain complex distribution schedules. Some clients even use Casting Director to build in-house report request applications.

Generate Dynamic Schedules from Data in your Universes

Integrate Casting Director with you universes and easily create dynamic schedules to generate and send invoices, email monthly statements to customers, and much more!

Create Report Schedules in Microsoft Excel

Easily maintain departmental schedules in Microsoft Excel, upload to the repository, and Casting Director will automatically pick up the schedule file with each run.

Comply with Archiving & Regulatory Requirements

Dynamically send copies of all refreshed reports to a network location for archiving, and to comply with regulatory and record-keeping requirements.

Deliver Individual Report Tabs to Recipients

Don't need the entire report? With Casting Director you can specify which report tabs to export and deliver.

Dynamically Rename Delivered Reports

Don't know which report is which? Casting Director can rename your reports using date-time, prompt values, and even data from the report itself.

Distribute Reports in any Number of Formats

Aside from the standard report formats, we include several that aren't available directly in SAP BusinessObjects. Need a format that we don't have? It's easy to extend Casting Director with more options.

Automatically Print Reports to any Network Printer

Still have a need for paper reports? Casting Director can print reports or specific report tabs to any network printer, anywhere in the world.

Robust. Flexible. Easy-to-use.

The inherent flexibility of Casting Director allows it to be used in a number of diverse ways. Here's how some of our client's are currently using Casting Director to streamline their reporting:

  • Report packages processed overnight and automatically sent to a user's email address
  • Reports exported to PDF files and uploaded via FTP to an Intranet/Extranet web server
  • Paper reports automatically printed to locations worldwide
  • Customer statements dynamically generated and emailed
  • Nightly reports automatically copied to a secure directory where they are offloaded for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance purposes
  • Reports dynamically renamed and exported to a secure file location, where they are automatically imported by a desktop publishing tool to create client report books

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