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SAP BusinessObjects Consulting Services

Strategy & Blueprint Development

Improving information delivery and providing strategic value are the cornerstones of a successful business intelligence (BI) deployment. A strategy that aligns with corporate goals, plans and objectives will provide real business value by ensuring that the business intelligence solution precisely and directly supports real business needs.

An effective Business Intelligence Blueprint addresses a number of specific organizational and technical components including:

  • Overall goals and strategies for the organization
  • Organizational culture
  • Reporting, query & analysis, and performance management requirements
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Security infrastructure
  • Portal and application integration
  • Data sources, dimensional models, and metadata
  • End-user and IT skill gaps

Typical Engagements

Our real-world experience has captured organizational strategy to design business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries. Some of our typical engagements include:

  • Assess and evaluate key organizational goals and strategies
  • Gather and refine detailed business requirements
  • Perform technical and security infrastructure reviews
  • Work with stakeholders to achieve organizational buy-in for the business intelligence initiative
  • Develop a detailed Business Intelligence Blueprint
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of BI tools through demonstrations and prototype delivery

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