Solutions Center

A flexible infrastructure designed for development and testing.

Altek Solutions offers a uniquely flexible range of service delivery models. We have a proven track record of using our diverse capabilities to get projects done right, on time, and within budget.

We work with our clients to identify the optimal approach to meet your IT and business challenges. It may range from a predominantly onsite-based project with offsite support from our other teams, to a pure offsite delivery model. Altek Solutions has established the capabilities, expertise and infrastructure to support the solution approach that meets your business needs.

To help meet these needs, Altek Solutions has implemented a robust, flexible, multi-server Solutions Center in which to conduct development. Each consultant has remote access to our core Solutions Center through a secure VPN. This allows us to provide access to a wide variety of development and troubleshooting environments without the need for installing and uninstalling software locally. In addition, our clients benefit by having a platform to easily review progress, conduct testing, and evaluate solutions.

We have a variety of virtual machine images pre-built in our Solutions Center, including various configurations and patch levels of SAP BusinessObjects BI4, Business Objects 5.x, Business Objects 6.x, Business Objects XI and Crystal Enterprise 10. These solution builds, as well as customized builds, are available for our consultants to run on one of our development servers, or on their individual laptop.

Benefit to our Clients

  • Provides a robust platform to easily review project progress, conduct testing and evaluate business intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Offers a variety of options and solutions to enable organizations to trial their business intelligence concepts to ensure a successful outcome
  • Eliminates hardware, software licensing and administration costs for new development environments
  • Reduces risk by providing the capabilities for our Center of Excellence to evaluate service packs and software patches
  • Facilitates offsite development projects, delivering the most cost-effective solutions