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SAP BusinessObjects Consulting Services

Architecture & Deployment

The architecture of your business intelligence (BI) solution lays the foundation on which your entire BI initiatives are based. Decisions made during deployment can have an adverse effect on system performance and overall BI capabilities.

Our Architecture and Deployment Services specialize in addressing the need for information at all levels of an organization by helping our customers define, deploy and govern their enterprise business intelligence (BI) architectures. We focus on providing the architecture necessary to support a robust, scalable, and cost efficient BI infrastructure to enable more advanced capabilities as the solutions grows.

Typical Engagements

Our real-world experience has been put to use implementing enterprise business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries. Some of our typical engagements include:

  • Implement and tune end-to-end enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions on Windows, Linux and UNIX environments
  • Align and evolve the IT environment to meet the organization's business intelligence (BI) needs and strategic drivers
  • Optimize the IT Architecture to reduce total cost of ownership of IT assets and deliver maximum value to the enterprise
  • Formulate a security strategy, and implement access components such as Active Directory and LDAP authentication
  • Design and implement disaster recovery and failover solutions
  • Perform system maintenance and recommend/implement software patches
  • Train and mentor IT administrators

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