Packaged Services for SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects Data to Dashboards

A Turnkey Solution for Deploying Robust, Dynamic Dashboards & Visualizations

Your users are asking for dashboards. And they want to be able to visualize information to easily spot trends and outliers. Plus, they want to use data from all across the company - disparate data that isn't unified.

That's why we developed our Data to Dashboards Package, a turnkey solution for deploying effective dashboards and visualizations.

How our Data to Dashboards Package Helps

With our Data to Dashboards Package, our experienced consultants will guide you through the process of sourcing data, designing and building effective dashboards and visualizations, and deploying content to your user community across a variety of devices.

Benefits of our Data to Dashboards Package

Our Data to Dashboards Package is the fastest, easiest and most-effective way for you to accelerate the deployment of dashboards and visualizations in your company.

Our service package helps you:

  • Ensure a successful, complete, and rapid dashboard roll-out
  • Utilize industry-standard visualizations to effectively communicate information
  • Leverage information from all corners of your company
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise from experienced Altek Solutions consultants to your own staff

What you get with our Data to Dashboards Package

Our Data to Dashboards Package leverages our proven methodology and best practice to help get you started in the right direction.

While our methodology can be tailored to meet your specific needs, we typically include:

  • Installation and Configuration
    • Installation and configuration of SAP BusinessObjects software
    • Configuration of Mobile BI services
  • Content Development
    • SAP BusinessObjects universe (semantic metadata layer) development
    • Dashboard and Visualization development
    • Mentoring on best practices and report development lifecycle
  • Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

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