SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.0 Ramp-up and Analysis!

As an SAP BusinessObjects Channel Partner, we have been given the privilege and opportunity to engage in a pre-release version of the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.0 product stack for evaluation purposes. This is a very exciting time for us here at Altek Solutions as our Center of Excellence has already installed the software and is in the process of analyzing and evaluating the new features that 4.0 has to offer. Be sure to come back often to view any news that we put out regarding the 4.0 release, but to start here are a few things that stick out from what we have found thus far!

Creating a Pass through Prompt in Designer (Top N, Industry Standards, etc.)

This topic seems to be a request that comes in on every project that I am on and since I haven’t had a blog post in awhile, I thought it would be a quick and useful blog . Well, the ability to pass through a value into a WebI doc without having it to correspond to any dimensions/details/measures is a pretty simple process and can be easily done using a predefined query filter in Designer. We really have two things we need to look at and that is the logic and the syntax.