Charting in Web Intelligence Pt3 – Tree and Heat Maps

This Week lets look into development of Tree Map and Heat Map in Web Intelligence 4.x Reporting. A Tree Map displays measurement using area sizes of rectangle boxes where the size represents Percentage of the Dimension(s) in context, and the Map can be assigned data to add hierarchical and or grouped data. We can use Chart Properties to change colors of rectangle boxes in Palette Style section. We can define Ranges for […]

ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference Presentation

As a company we are always trying to further our experiences, give back to the user community and solidify our place in the marketplace as experts throughout the SAP BusinessObjects suite. Having presented at user conferences in the past, we are always looking to continue that trend and submit abstracts for as may as we can. This year at the 2013 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Anaheim, Ryan Muldowney and I will be presenting a session on the best practices of when and where to combine multiple data sources.

RangeFinder in the Workplace: Manufacturing Edition

Manufacturing includes all of the processes needed to convert raw materials or components into finished goods, especially with the use of industrial machines and on a larger scale. Manufacturing KPIs can reflect process efficiency, resources consumption and quality of the outputs. RangeFinder can be utilized in manufacturing just like it is utilized the Insurance Industry from episode 1 of this multi-part series.

RangeFinder Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Released

Over the past 6 Months, analysts and developers here at Altek Solutions have been vigorously working on putting together specifications for a new component add-on that could be utilized by dashboard designers to provide a new data visualization for end users. It has been a long and hard road but we have finally have a product that can do exactly that. RangeFinder is the first component in a new line of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard plugins that Altek Solutions will be creating and constantly updating moving forward.

Exploring 4.0: Information Design Tool

The Information Design Tool is the brand new metadata modeling application used for creating universes in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. The universe layer has been completely reworked for the 4.0 release and the Information Design Tool (IDT) is the front-end for those changes. The new model takes the traditional universe and breaks it down into three components: the Connection, the Data Foundation, and the Business Layer. These components all existed in some form in previous versions, but now they each get their own editor and a host of new features and options. Let’s review these in a bit more detail.