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SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Support Pack 4 Released

Support Pack 4 for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 was released last Friday. We here at Altek were anticipating the final post-ramp-up release of Feature Pack 3, but SAP has decided to roll those new features together with fixes from previous Fix Packs.

Specifically, Support Pack 4 includes:

  • BI 4.0 Feature Pack 3
  • BI 4.0 Patches 2.1 – 2.16
  • BI 4.0 Patches 3.1 – 3.5
  • Additional fixes that could not be included in a previous Support Pack or Critical Patch

This hopefully will result in the most stable 4.0 release to date.

What’s New in Support Pack 4?

  • Improved Browser Support
    BI 4.0 now supports both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 10.0.
  • Improved BusinessObjects Mobile Support
    Support Pack 4 brings Mobile support to Android for the first time — the app is available for Android versions 2.3, 3.1 and 3.2. Mobile support is also available for Apple iOS5, Blackberry 7.0, Windows Mobile 6.5, and Symbian.
  • Explorer Enhancements
    Support Pack 4 adds Exploration Views, which are saved explorations on an Explorer information space. This allows you to save targeted analysis to share with others in your organization. Users can access saved Exploration Views from the Explorer home page.
  • CSS Formatting for Web Intelligence
    Web Intelligence now uses standard web CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to define the initial formatting of a report. Using this you can set initial report colors, fonts, and sizes so that you can easily have a consistent theme for all of your reports.
  • Backup and system copy for BI platform
    You can now perform a Hot Backup of your BI platform data while the system is still active. You can also create a complete copy of an existing BI platform deployment that can run alongside the original to be used for testing or backup purposes.
  • Improved Monitoring
    The Monitoring application in the Central Management Console has been improved with a new dashboard, a new monitoring universe to create reports, as well as several usability and functionality enhancements.
  • Delegated Administration
    Administrators can now created delegated administrators and assign subsets of management tasks to them. A system administrator may hide any of the CMC tabs that a delegated administrator is not expected to use.
  • New developer tools
    Support Pack 4 provides several new developer tools including RESTful web services for the BI Platform and a Semantic Layer Java SDK that allows you to perform administration and security tasks on universes and connections.
  • And much more…

For More Information

For more on Support Pack 4 and the features and fixes it provides, check out the following links.


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