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Advanced BusinessObjects Mobile Reporting Tactics: Embedding Images

With Mobile BI being the latest craze and most likely being the new norm, we will need to work to make sure that we continue to innovate and be creative in our report creation to keep end users happy. One quick tactic is to spice up your report by adding images into blank cells above or below your charts and tables or directly into table cells on your report.

Embedded Images

Embedded Images

The BI Mobile app for the iPad supports images that are embedded in Web Intelligence reports. Here are some of the requirements for embedding images into your mobile report:

  • The embedded images are only supported by adding them in Blank Cells or Table Cells. The embedded images will not be displayed if they are put in the header or footer.
  • The embedded images can only be uploaded from a file location. Currently images from a source URL are not supported.
  • All image formats that are supported by Web Intelligence documents are supported by the Mobile BI app for the iPad.
  • The max height for table rows is 28 pixels. If the embedded images in a table cell are more than 28 pixels high, the image is truncated when it is viewed in the Mobile BI app on the iPad.

Embedding Images in Web Intelligence

  • Insert a Blank Cell or Table
  • Right Click in the blank cell or in a cell on the table and select Format Table
  • Select the Appearance tab in the dialog box
  • Access an image file by clicking Image from File and then Browse to browse out and find the image you would like to use
  • Click OK to close the dialog box

For More Information

For more information on embedding images into your mobile reports or other Mobile BI Reporting techniques, check out the  Mobile Administrator and Report Designer Guide.

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  1. how did you add a different flag image for each country? as far as i know that’s not possible. If I chose an image it gets repeated in each row. Try it, you’ll see I’m not wrong.