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Altek Solutions Education Offerings


Altek Solutions' certified consultants are available to work with students on specific projects and issues in a collaborative environment. Through this onsite knowledge transfer, the learning process will be accelerated while allowing students to learn topics specifically related to their environment.

This program benefits the student by providing the full attention of the instructor and the ability to learn best practices and procedures—with the added benefit of being productive while they learn.

Whether it is a standalone process or a program to ensure a smooth transition from classroom training, our onsite mentoring will help your organization get the most from its business intelligence solution by saving the time and cost associated with discovering what works...and what doesn't.

Potential Mentoring Topics

  • How to administer SAP BusinessObjects servers in your unique environment
  • Configuring servers, networks and firewalls
  • Developing user security models
  • Applying service packs and patches
  • Universe, report and dashboard development

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