RangeFinder in the Workplace: Sales and Marketing Edition

Business Intelligence provides sales and marketing teams with information and insights they need on customers, prospects, markets and competitors. With powerful dashboards, analytical and reporting solutions sales and marketing teams are able to better and more accurately track, monitor and analyze every aspect of a sales cycle. BI makes it easier to identify cross-selling opportunities, locate profitable customers, tracking competitors, and to create strategies to successfully reach sales quotas and revenue goals. With the addition of RangeFinder, you can make it even easier to visualize how your company is doing compared to historical data as well as your competitors to make educated and informed decisions that may enhance your companies future.

RangeFinder in the Workplace: Manufacturing Edition

Manufacturing includes all of the processes needed to convert raw materials or components into finished goods, especially with the use of industrial machines and on a larger scale. Manufacturing KPIs can reflect process efficiency, resources consumption and quality of the outputs. RangeFinder can be utilized in manufacturing just like it is utilized the Insurance Industry from episode 1 of this multi-part series.

RangeFinder Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Released

Over the past 6 Months, analysts and developers here at Altek Solutions have been vigorously working on putting together specifications for a new component add-on that could be utilized by dashboard designers to provide a new data visualization for end users. It has been a long and hard road but we have finally have a product that can do exactly that. RangeFinder is the first component in a new line of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard plugins that Altek Solutions will be creating and constantly updating moving forward.

Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius 2008): Tips and Tricks ep5: Parent and Child Dashboards from InfoView using Doc Download!

Sharing information from parent dashboards to child dashboards is a topic that has been gaining steam over the past 6 months and is a great way of increasing performance and enhancing your end users experience. What we are going to cover in this post is how to incorporate child dashboards in parent by accessing the child from InfoView using built in functionality called document download. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot of documentation of what document download is and how it is used so here is how I understand it to work. Document download works along the same lines as OpenDocument but the difference lies in that OpenDocument will pull in a resource that is inside the OpenDocument frame. Document download on the other hand will only pull the resource itself. This post will give you the basics on how to implement this functionality into Xcelsius.

Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius 2008): Tips and Tricks ep4: Navigation using Label Based Menus and Push Buttons

There seems to be a theme with all the blog series that I have created over the past year and it is something that I would love to fix but really can’t control. I am not trying to make excuses but over the past month and a half I have been swamped with multiple projects and have not been able to add any more entries into our CDD Tips and Tricks series. But over the next 2 months, I am going to try and make a conscious effort to wrap up our first season of the CDD and move on towards a new one starting the spring of next year that will hopefully include some vlogs! If anyone has any ideas they would like to throw at me, feel free to reach out and I will look into getting it put on our list of tips for an upcoming episode. Lets get started on the topic at hand though and look at how to create custom navigation using label based menus and push buttons.