Using Internet Explorer 9 with BusinessObjects

Last week I got a frantic email from a client who was having trouble using InfoView. Every time he tried to view a WebIntelligence report, he would get the error “The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested).”

He had just gotten a new Windows 7 PC with Internet Explorer 9 installed — and that was exactly the problem. IE9 wasn’t supported on their version of BusinessObjects. Most clients don’t realize how short the list of supported browsers actually is. Until recently, only IE7, IE8, and Firefox 3.x were supported on Windows. Users can experience similar issues with other unsupported browsers, like the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

So what are your options as an Internet Explorer 9 (or Firefox 8+) user?

Xcelsius 2008 SP 3 Fix Pack 3 Now Available!

Over the weekend SAP BusinessObjects released the newest Fix Pack for Xcelsius 2008 aka Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Dashboard Design or even SAP Dashboards. The help documentation is not out on as of yet but it was available in the info for the download so I will attach them to the bottom of the post. One of the big things that I noticed that was fixed but not really stated in the documentation was the Windows 7 export to enterprise issue. Every time you tried to export the dashboard out to InfoView, the save dialog box would be missing text box to name the file as well as the save and cancel buttons. The only way to push the dashboard out was to use a non Windows 7 machine. No longer do I have to fire up my laptop with XP on it to accomplish this feat. Hooray for efficiency! Check out all the fixes below!

Xcelsius … Crystal Dashboard Design … Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.2 Now Available!

SAP BusinessObjects has released another fix pack for the newly named Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius 2008). Fix Pack 3.2 is now available for download out on SAP’s Service Marketplace and can be found under the Business Objects Download page through the following path: SAP BusinessObjects Support Software and Corrections > SBOP Dashboard Design Enterprise > BOBJ Xcelsius Enterprise 2008. The Release notes and Fixed Issues documentation can be found in the links below.