5 Reasons Why You Should Use SAP BusinessObjects Universes

In meeting with organizations who are new to SAP BusinessObjects or who are legacy Crystal Reports users, we are often asked the question “Why should I use a Business Objects Universe?”. To organizations who have worked with universes for a period of time, the advantages and value proposition are clear. But for organizations who are new to universes, it can often be a challenge to quantify the value of the semantic layer.

In this post I hope to outline a few of the reasons why we recommend implementing universes, even if you’re not using an SAP BusinessObjects tool that specifically requires them.

Why Ad Hoc Reporting Won’t Work (part 2): We Need to Massage the Data First

Back in March I posted “Five Reasons Why Ad Hoc Reporting Won’t Work In Some Organizations”. In that post, I listed some of the major concerns that I hear from potential clients when the subject of ad hoc reporting is broached. As promised, I will be addressing each of those concerns and showing how they can be overcome. We’ve already addressed “Our people aren’t smart enough to create their own reports.” Now let’s turn our attention to data, and look at “We need to massage the data first.”