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SSL Quirks in BI 4.0 Support Package 5+

This week I was working on a client’s new install of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 with Support Package 6. They had just upgraded to Support Package 6 and were experiencing a few unexpected issues. They had configured SSL on their Tomcat server, which was working fine from the BI Launchpad and the other apps, but wasn’t working with the newer tools which rely on web services such as Dashboards or Crystal Reports for Enterprise. This was an odd thing — they’ve always worked out of the box in the past, whether we were using HTTPS or not.

After a little digging on the Support Portal, I found a couple notes that explained what was going on. It seems that Support Package 5 included some updated libraries that caused the new behavior. There are two separate issues here — one that is an easy fix and another that is a bug!

SAP Note 1795236 – Web Services do not work under HTTPS

The first issue was that several dashboards that worked prior to the upgrade were now throwing errors. Also, we were unable to connect to create a new query from the query designer in the Dashboards client. We were getting generic errors such as “Could not log on to BusinessObjects”. The first step of troubleshooting was to see if the Web Services URL we were trying to use actually worked. As it turns out it didn’t — an “internal server error”. Checking the Tomcat logs I found the real cause of the issue — an error that said “https is forbidden”. This had to be a configuration issue.

SAP Note 1795236 explains that SP5 included a new version of Axis2, the library that drives the BI Platform Web Services. This new version requires an extra configuration step to enable HTTPS for the Web Services. The fix was as easy as uncommenting some lines in a config file.  After that change and a Tomcat restart, the Web Services URL worked as it should and our dashboards were back up and running.

SAP Note 1823800 – Crystal Reports for Enterprise does not work with SSL

Even after applying the fix above, we found that we were still unable to connect through Web Services using Crystal Reports for Enterprise. We were getting another error with a big stacktrace including the message “unable to find valid certification path to requested target”. Some additional searching uncovered SAP Note 1823800 which explained that this is actually a known issue with the version of Java bundled with CR4E in both Support Pack 5 and 6. The fix for it was included in Patch 5.7 which was released last month.  Unfortunately that fix wasn’t included in Support Package 6, so those users will have to wait for Patch 6.1, due early June.

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