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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 5.0 Now Available

Today SAP announced the release of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 5.0 for iOS.  The version for iPads and iPhones joins the Mobile 5.0 version for Android that was released last week.  These Mobile clients extend the functionality available from the mobile platform.

Mobile 5.0 for iOS

On the iOS side, Mobile 5.0 brings the following improvements over the last release.

  • Integrated support for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and Lumira — a separate app is no longer needed!
  • A new user experience for organization of BI content, including BI Inbox support
  • Support for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio dashboards and Geoanalysis on iPhone
  • Collaboration support via SAP Jam
  • Web Intelligence chart enhancements including reverse and negative bullet charts and bar microcharts

Mobile 5.0 for iOS can be downloaded from iTunes.  Learn more by reading the iOS Mobile User Guide.

Mobile 5.0 for Android

The Android release provides functionality that was already available on the iOS version, bringing the two apps closer to having the same functionality.

  • Most importantly, Mobile 5.0 for Android now supports dashboards created in SAP Dashboard Design (BI 4.1+)
  • Multiple Web Intelligence enhancements including new charts and multidimensional data source support
  • Support for viewing Webi documents in page layout mode on tablets 7″ and larger
  • Support for connection authentication including two factor authentication and other complex scenarios

Mobile 5.0 for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  Learn more by reading the Android Mobile User Guide.

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If you’re new to BusinessObjects Mobile and want to know more, check out our webinar video above that explains some of the available features.

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