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Creating Scorecards in BusinessObjects Mobile

The BusinessObjects Mobile iPad app provides the ability to display normal Web Intelligence report tables as scorecards featuring microcharts or trend icons. The report developer can enable this scorecard functionality by adding a special formula to the report block. Let’s take a look at an example to see how this is done.

Suppose you have a standard crosstab in your report with sales data, like the one below.

To display this crosstab as a scorecard with microcharts on the iPad, the report developer would set the report’s “block name” to this formula:


With this change, we would see the following result when we view this report on the iPad:


How does this formula work?

There are two parts to the formula — one creates the “progress bar” and one creates the microchart.

The first part SC_GF_C_4 represents the progress bar.  Literally, it means “ScoreCard, Gradient Fill, Column 4“.  The 4 tells the app that this progress bar format should be applied to the fourth column on our crosstab, which happens to contain a percentage value.

The second part SL_GF_Sales_C_5_16 represents the microchart.  In this case, the literal meaning is “SparkLine, Gradient Fill, named Sales, Columns 5 through 16“. This means that we want the app to take columns 5 through 16 on our crosstab and format them as a filled chart (also known as an area chart). You’ll see the chart has the column heading of “Sales” because we specified that in the formula.

The formula might look confusing, but you can see it’s pretty straightforward to get scorecards enabled on your mobile reports.

For More Information

The Mobile app allows several other types of scorecard items like line microcharts, trend icons, and trend arrows. To see the syntax for creating these items, check out the Mobile Administrator and Report Designer Guide.

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