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Charting in Web Intelligence Pt3 – Tree and Heat Maps

This Week lets look into development of Tree Map and Heat Map in Web Intelligence 4.x Reporting. A Tree Map displays measurement using area sizes of rectangle boxes where the size represents Percentage of the Dimension(s) in context, and the Map can be assigned data to add hierarchical and or grouped data. TR3We can use Chart Properties to change colors of rectangle boxes in Palette Style section. We can define Ranges for Data Sets and use it to define a color which helps visually along with the area of the rectangle for weight. We have options to use Color Method for Shapes section which include Gradient-Based Coloring with and without Measure Polarity, Standard Palette Coloring, Custom Range Coloing. Tree Map on left shows Sales By Month.

A Heat Map displays graph in Color Coded Cells or Boxes and uses one measure and allows one or more dimensions as axes, in effect represents data similar to a Cross Tab or Pivot Table. We can use Palette Style Chart Properties similar to Tree Maps to change Palette Style and Custom Coloring for Ranges. TMHMDR

Figures on the left side are for Sales By Products in two Stores using a Tree Map and a Heat Map on Right side for Sales Figures. Using Colors is the methodology used to convey information, where we can designate a start, multiple mid-points and end point for range levels, which a business can look into for further analysis for risks or problem areas. Easy Visual Location is desired for areas of focus vs. numerical data sheets. Below Figure show a Cross Tab with Sales Percentage for States By Quarter and displays corresponding Heat Map which can generate same data.


Next, we add Year to above Heat Map to provide more depth to see Sales Percent for these States By Quarter and Year. In chart properties we can assign a Color Code to Null or Out of Range Values. In the below Heat Map Purple Color represents no data and finally we have used four range partitions for color coding and used High Contrast Style for Heat Map Cosmetics.HMCTD3

In conclusion Heat Maps and Tree Maps are Great Charting Tools to represent High Density Hierarchical Data in a easy way for the user to visualize and identify areas of interest  quickly for further analysis.


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