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Charting in Web Intelligence – Part 7 – Version Comparisons and 3DC

In this session, lets compare Charts in Web Intelligence 3.1 SP6 versus Web Intelligence 4.1. Below, two snapshots show the whole list of report elements available between both these versions.


























On the Left Hand Side are new updated Chart Selection Options from 4.0 and on the Right Hand Side are Selection Options from 3.1 SP6 versions. We have 26 Chart Types to select from the latest 4.0 version.  The entire charting engine is updated and the properties of each chart is a comprehensive set of options, typically including sections such as Global, Title, Legend, Category and or Value Axis, Plot Area. In the General Section we have sub sections such as General, Area Display, Measure Properties, Data Values, Palette and Style, Background, Border and Layout. Some of these properties changed based on the kind of chart selected but most of them are common across all charts. These properties features are new and a super set of the properties we had in 3.1 version which we would have accessed from the left panel of the canvas.

Below is an example showing a 3D Column Chart. For any chart we can typically right click on the chart and select Assign Data Dialog box which neatly shows us the Category Axis, Value Axis, Optional Regional Colors and other sections allowing us to pick Objects to populate the chart.



We can change the angle of the chart and also change orientation from Vertical to Horizontal. These 3D charts provide great visibility to find data points across multiple dimensions and measures.

Check back for Part 8, Input Controls in Web Intelligence

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