ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference Presentation

As a company we are always trying to further our experiences, give back to the user community and solidify our place in the marketplace as experts throughout the SAP BusinessObjects suite. Having presented at user conferences in the past, we are always looking to continue that trend and submit abstracts for as may as we can. This year at the 2013 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Anaheim, Ryan Muldowney and I will be presenting a session on the best practices of when and where to combine multiple data sources.

Why Ad Hoc Reporting Won’t Work (part 5): If I Give Them Ad Hoc Access to Data, They’ll Keep Asking For More

Back in March I posted “Five Reasons Why Ad Hoc Reporting Won’t Work In Some Organizations“. In that post, I listed some of the major concerns that I hear from potential clients when the subject of ad hoc reporting is broached. We’ve already addressed “Our people aren’t smart enough to create their own reports”, “We need to massage the data first”, “I don’t want people poking around in data they shouldn’t have access to”, and “I already pay people in IT to create reports”.

As a conclusion to this series, let’s look at out final topic: If I give them ad hoc access to data, they’ll keep asking for more.