Element Linking in Web Intelligence – Prt 9

Continuing our previous post on Input Controls, let’s now look into Element Linking in Web Intelligence Reporting. The combination of Element Linking with Input Control allows developers to create hybrid dashboards using Web Intelligence Reporting tool. In essence, they allow filtering between report elements thereby facilitating interactivity between one or more elements. This also allows us […]

Building a Case to Upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects 4.1

SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 has been in the wild now for nearly a year and there has never been a better time to upgrade. After some rough beginnings with the 4.0 release, BusinessObjects 4.1 provides a stable and reliable platform. There are lots of reasons to upgrade! New Functionality There’s a litany of new tools available with […]

Charting in Web Intelligence Pt3 – Tree and Heat Maps

This Week lets look into development of Tree Map and Heat Map in Web Intelligence 4.x Reporting. A Tree Map displays measurement using area sizes of rectangle boxes where the size represents Percentage of the Dimension(s) in context, and the Map can be assigned data to add hierarchical and or grouped data. We can use Chart Properties to change colors of rectangle boxes in Palette Style section. We can define Ranges for […]