SAP BusinessObjects Certifications: Pre-Sales Professional

To make sure that Altek Solutions is keeping up to date with the latest and greatest information from SAP BusinessObjects, we encourage our consultants to attend BI conferences and to continue their BI educations moving forward. A great example of this is that we now have a certified Pre-Sales consultant in our organization as well as another consultant starting down the path to become Pre-Sales certified.

RangeFinder Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Released

Over the past 6 Months, analysts and developers here at Altek Solutions have been vigorously working on putting together specifications for a new component add-on that could be utilized by dashboard designers to provide a new data visualization for end users. It has been a long and hard road but we have finally have a product that can do exactly that. RangeFinder is the first component in a new line of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard plugins that Altek Solutions will be creating and constantly updating moving forward.