In Search of Clarity

Our customers typically have mountains of data, spanning all areas of the organization. Some of their data spans decades. They look to us to help them make sense of it all, and utilize that information to drive better decision-making. It’s often a challenge not so much from a technology aspect, but from a human one. Sometimes when we ask an executive which metrics are most important to them, we get the reply “all of them”.

What is a Business Objects Universe?

A Business Objects Universe is the semantic layer that resides between an organization’s database and the end user but more importantly, it is a business representation of your data warehouse or transactional database. It allows the user to interact with their data without having to know the complexities of their database or where the data is stored. The universe is created using familiar business terminology to describe the business environment and allows the user to retrieve exactly the data that interests them.

Consolidate or Federate?: Managing the Need for Information Access

Integrating data is a constantly evolving strategy, especially as Business Intelligence becomes a more critical application. In order to ensure success, trustworthy data must be built and, to do this, tools need to be used to bring together disparate data and address data quality.

The evolution of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has brought us to several strategies. Now, there is consolidation, federation, or a combination of the two. Business Objects offers solutions in the form of two products: Data Integrator and Data Federator.