Element Linking in Web Intelligence – Prt 9

Continuing our¬†previous post on Input Controls, let’s now look into Element Linking in Web Intelligence Reporting. The combination of Element Linking with Input Control allows developers to create hybrid dashboards using Web Intelligence Reporting tool. In essence, they allow filtering between report elements thereby facilitating interactivity between one or more elements. This also allows us […]

Building a Case to Upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects 4.1

SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 has been in the wild now for nearly a year and there has never been a better time to upgrade. After some rough beginnings with the 4.0 release, BusinessObjects 4.1 provides a stable and reliable platform. There are lots of reasons to upgrade! New¬†Functionality There’s a litany of new tools available with […]

Prepare and Share SAP Visual Intelligence Visualizations

SAP Visual Intelligence development interface is easy to navigate and is split between two major modes of Prepare and Share. The client installed tool once opened allows us to create New Documents or open existing Visualizations and or Datasets, the two components making up a .SVID file. Typically these files can be saved in SAP Visual Intelligence Documents folder under Users Documents folder.

Creation of a Visualization involves three steps, one is to connect to a data source and scope and acquire a dataset; two is to prepare the dataset for final cosmetics and data manipulation as part of any cleansing or business representation of Dimensions or Attributes and Measures from raw data, if required; and third is to choose and chart type and built the chart. Once the chart display is the desired result, save and share it.

Overview of SAP Visual Intelligence

SAP Visual Intelligence is a new product from SAP AG introduced earlier this year as a standalone installed application which produces crisp, detailed visualizations using charts. The specific goal is to provide business owners and business-centric users the ability to create and deliver visualizations, enabling them to present their business information quickly.

Visual Intelligence users can by-pass traditional IT using full client reporting tools like SAP BusinessObjects, Web Intelligence or SAP Crystal Reports and reduce the time of the development cycle.

RangeFinder Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Released

Over the past 6 Months, analysts and developers here at Altek Solutions have been vigorously working on putting together specifications for a new component add-on that could be utilized by dashboard designers to provide a new data visualization for end users. It has been a long and hard road but we have finally have a product that can do exactly that. RangeFinder is the first component in a new line of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard plugins that Altek Solutions will be creating and constantly updating moving forward.