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Casting Director 2.4 Released

The latest update to our SAP BusinessObjects scheduling plug-in, better known as Casting Director, has been released. This update includes support for optional prompts in scheduled Web Intelligence documents and the ability to use Excel 2010 (XLSX) files as a schedule source. This release is available for both BusinessObjects XI R2 and 3.x.

We are also happy to announce that Casting Director for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 is now in beta and will be available with the 4.0 general release.


  • Added support for optional prompts on Web Intelligence schedule documents
  • Added support for Office 2010 XLSX files as schedule sources


  • Various changes to Casting Director logging
  • Casting Director now retrieves values from a Web Intelligence List of Values (LOV) only when the prompt is constrained
  • Casting Director now better handles when List of Values is null or blank on a WebIntelligence report

To get access to this update, contact your Altek Solutions representative.

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