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BusinessObjects BI4 vs Anti-Virus

On my current project, I installed a brand new Windows server with the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1. Following the install, I noticed that the anti-virus software that the client had on the server was really taxing the machine when BusinessObjects was in use, especially during startup. ¬†I haven’t really seen this issue before, but every anti-virus application is different and it seemed like I needed to come up with a solution this time.

After a little searching on SAP Support, I found the note below which gives a handy list of files and folders to exclude. It’s a pretty common sense list, but still it’s good to have something official from SAP to share with our clients.

1497394 – Which files and directories should be excluded from an antivirus scan for
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform products

The note suggests excluding the following files and folders from your anti-virus active scanner:

  • All BusinessObjects related executables, such as CMS.exe and Tomcat7.exe
  • Several folders under the BusinessObjects install path including win32_x86, win64_x64, logging, and others
  • The BusinessObjects Filestore location
  • Several folders under the Tomcat path including webapps, work, and bin
  • The Webi Shared Document Cache if it is configured under the Webi Server properties

For the complete list for both BusinessObjects 3.1 and 4.0/4.1, check out the note above. (You’ll need your S-number to log in and view it.)

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