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Building a Case to Upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects 4.1

SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 has been in the wild now for nearly a year and there has never been a better time to upgrade. After some rough beginnings with the 4.0 release, BusinessObjects 4.1 provides a stable and reliable platform. There are lots of reasons to upgrade!

New Functionalityimage

There’s a litany of new tools available with the new BI platform — BI Launchpad, the Information Design Tool, Design Studio, Information Steward, Lumira, and more. But perhaps the killer app of the 4.1 release is all the new features of BusinessObjects Mobile. There’s so much possibility with the iOS and Android offerings — scorecards, interactive dashboards, and geoanalysis, all from within a Web Intelligence report. Don’t forget native support for Xcelsius and Design Studio Dashboards as well as Explorer. This is really the future of BI and definitely the area where SAP is focused on innovation.

Improved Platform

The big win for BusinessObjects 4.1 is that it’s a native 64-bit application. Not only does this remove the 3 GB memory limit of 32-bit OSes, but in doing so it provides administrators with much more ability to tune the performance of their BI server. The Java based platform allows tweaks to memory heap size to get the most performance possible out of your server. In general, this also provides a much more stable platform than what we’ve seen in previous BusinessObjects releases.

Maintenance and Support

Many of the BusinessObjects releases still out there in the wild today are quickly approaching their end of life. This means that SAP will no longer release patches or provide support for that version of the product. Products like BusinessObjects Edge 3.1 are already past end of life, while others like BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.1 have until the end of 2015. See the table below to find out when your BusinessObjects release will be out of support.


Modern Compatibility

As always, new releases bring compatibility with new operating systems, browsers, database platforms, and more. If you want to move to Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8, you need to upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.1. The recent End of Life for Windows XP means that both OS and browser upgrades will be happening across organizations — make sure that your OS of choice is still supported by SAP before you make the leap! Check the Supported Platforms Guide for more information.

Licensing Options

Finally, SAP has ushered in some new licensing options with the 4.x platform to provide more flexibility for folks looking to upgrade. Of particular note is the BI Suite offering, which includes all of the available BI tools under one concurrent session-based license model. This not only allows you to take advantage of all the new tools, but it lets you build your BI environment on a solid hardware platform that is not limited by a CPU based license. For more information on these licensing options or inquiries on what it will take to upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.1, please reach out to us here at Altek Solutions.

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