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BI 4.1 Support Pack 3 Released

Support Pack 3 for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 is now available on the SAP Service Marketplace. This release adds a long awaited feature for BI Administrators everywhere — Session Management! Finally Administrators can view and terminate old sessions from the Central Management Console. Previously you had no choice but to recycle the CMS to free up dead sessions. This is a big deal, especially with SAP’s shift to concurrent user based licensing for BusinessObjects.

More details on this release are below.

Session Management

You can view and terminate user sessions in the Central Management Console (CMC). For example, you may want to see which users are using multiple sessions. Administrators may want to terminate old sessions or sessions consuming too many system resources. You might also need to terminate sessions when preparing for system downtime or upgrades.

Direct to folder linking

The right-click menu for all folders allows users to get folder links they can share with other users. These links will directly access specific folders in BI launchpad, similar to the behavior of OpenDocument links.

Promotion Management Improvements

Several changes to the Promotion Management tool are included in this release, making it a bit easier to consider for a production environment. First, SAP finally scrapped the included Derby database for Promotion Management – this data is now rightfully stored in the CMS database. The release also adds support for multiple job servers for Promotion Management.

Fixed Issues

The complete list of fixed issues is available in the Fixed Issues Guide. Additional improvements are listed in the What’s New Guide.

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