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Advanced BusinessObjects Mobile Reporting Tactics: Linking Report Elements

Continuing on with our Advanced BusinessObjects Mobile Reporting Tactics series, we are now spicing up our mobile reports with interactivity that makes them look and feel a little more like a dashboard. By linking report elements, you can change the data visualized in charts and tables but utilizing something called an Input Control.

What are Input Controls?

Input Controls

Input controls provide a convenient, easily-accessible method for filtering and analyzing report data. You define input controls using standard windows controls such as text boxes and radio buttons. You associate these controls with report elements such as tables or section headers, and use the controls to filter the data in the report elements. When you select values in the input control, you filter the values in the associated report elements by the values you selected.

Linking Report Elements Utilizing Input Controls

To have a report block or chart control the data being displayed by another report block or chart, you can add an element link by doing the following:

  • Right Click on the report block or chart

Start Process

  • Navigate to Linking > Add Element Link

Add Element Link

  • Select the Object you want to use to filter your data

Filter Object

  • Define any Necessary Properties

Input Control Properties

  • Assign the Report Elements that should be controlled by the Input Control and Click Finish

Elements to be Controlled

Publish Report for Mobile BI Consumption

After following the steps above, you can then finally publish the report out to BusinessObjects assigned to the Mobile category so that end users can consume the report.

Published Report

For More Information

For more information on linking report elements in your mobile reports or other Mobile BI Reporting techniques, check out the  Mobile Administrator and Report Designer Guide.

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  1. I find linking a bit slow to use on ipad reports, (every time you press something which links to another you have to wait the “loading” time…
    Personally i find sections more confortable to use in terms of mobile, although it is not the same.